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Where Two Worlds Collide

Experience products that connect old world tradition & craftsmanship, with new age technology. Delivering hyper-local, astonishingly delicious, nutritious, and beautiful products that nourish our souls and enrich our lives.

The Making of Jenavi

Jenavi is our life’s journey; the reflection of our love for one another, the respect for our land, nature and everything we grow and create. Together we have formed an endless passion for fusing old country traditions with new age technologies to make some of the finest wines and lifestyle products. Both of us come from a long line of craftsmen and farmers, a shared heritage that inspired us to create Jenavi.  We make small batches of seriously bold and lightly flirtatious wines from our home grown Toro Canyon, Santa Barbara varietals and curate some of the best grapes from vineyard blocks in Paso Robles, Santa Ynez and Santa Maria. Each of our wines are handmade and bottled in small quantities. In the best tradition of winemaking, our wine maker lets the grapes speak for themselves making delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Rosé and the occasional memorable blend. With every vintage we strive to bottle the essence, fragrance, and taste of our grapes with care.


We would love to share a bottle or two with you - our growing community of Jenavi kindred spirits.



  Avi & Jenna Reichental

JenAvi is the Perfect Pairing. Where Tradition and Technology collide.


Jenna and Avi come from a long line of craftsmen and farmers, a heritage that inspired them to create a business that reflected their passion and purpose of making products that are inspired by nature.


They created a company called Jenavi, so named as a reflection of their love for one another and their endless passion for fusing old country artisanship with exponential technologies to produce the finest lifestyle products. Using precision AgTech, Jenavi makes small batches of fine wine from their own and locally grown grape varietals, organically farmed olive oils, home grown spices, unique marmalades and handmade pottery. With deep roots in 3D printing, Jenavi is pioneering a limited production series of Life-size 3D printed garden furniture and pottery, along with many other 3D printed products. The company is combining the latest additive technologies with clay, ceramics and cement to create their own unique collection of bespoke creations. 


Jenna & Avi  - Complementing Strengths.


Jenna, a retired professional ballerina, artist, photographer, and experienced gemologist earlier in her career - manages everything everything from farming, commercial operations, photography, along with hand painting and creating all wine labels and designing all custom home products. She is especially happiest when restoring vintage cars with the little free time she has, which she researches design originality, history and purchases parts for all over the world.


Avi is billed as a serial entrepreneur and futurist, having been a major driver in the 3D printing revolution and the force behind Ventura based XponentialWorks, a venture and advisory firm with state-of-the-art innovation working the practical convergence and adaption of 3D printing, robotics and artificial intelligence.


Today Jenavi boasts 12 varietals composed of a 2018 Rose of Pinot Noir called flirt; Jenna’s favorite of their labels of which she designs and hand paints herself. One of 3 Cabernet Sauvignons is called spurs in honor of their love for their horses and another called Black Magic. Two pinots, a 2016 Jenavi, and 2017 Velvet. Avi mentions “Black magic pays homage to our favorite song” 


What’s most intriguing is how Jenavi integrates winemaking and viticulture with exponential technologies . Avi is the executive chairman of Xponential robotics, which is developing drones that provides insightful data from vineyards. Jenna is spearheading Jenavi’s 3D pottery printing line with products that are inspired by nature and generative design. Both believe that the convergence of business model innovation, product innovation and passion sets Jenavi apart.

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